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    ..Many people nowadays believe in something, people creating amulets and wearing it. For example, my friend has an amulet, in Kazakh it is also called “Tumar”. this amulet did his mother. she took a pieace of material and strewed sacred sand of ancestors, after that she sew it in the form of trangle.
In Kazakh culture tumar represented special silver, is more rare – gold case in which the talisman (amulet) preserving against a malefice and illnesses, barreness and evil spirit was put actually. Such ornament accompanied the person practically from first days of birth – the newborn kid was protected necessarily by a triangular amulet. Adults (basically women) carried тумары head which fastened on a headdress,  breast, axillary (the last by means of a long chain were put on through a shoulder is a place it was preserved especially as was considered what exactly from here, from an armpit, can take off soul of the person – and he will die. Tumar became an indispensable part of the general, including wedding, a complex of jeweller ornaments, its carrying provided protection and well-being to its owner.


Do you know The Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)?

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You have an excellent model in the Messenger of Allah, for all who put their hope in Allah and the Last Day and remember Allah much. (Surat al-Ahzab: 21) prophetmuhammad7

 Although we have never seen the Prophet (may Peace and Blessings be upon him), we can still do our very best to come to know his exemplary behavior, his sayings and the pleasing morality he displayed, by means of the verses of the Qur’an and the hadiths the sayings and teachings of the Prophet(pbuh).

 He was an exemplar of wisdom, compassion, love, humility, justness and honesty. He was so honest and reliable, that even people for whom he was an enemy trusted to him and left their precious things to keep.  He was so truthful, that even his jokes never possessed any lie. This is one of them:  

  “Once, an old woman came up to him and asked for paradise. He said, “Old women do not enter the paradise.” The woman started crying. As she started leaving the room, the Prophet, showing his subtle sense of humor, stopped her and said, “Old women will become young before entering the heaven.”  (Tirmadhi)

He never laughed loudly, but smiled a lot. He possessed such a pure heart, that his face was shining brighter than the moon and in a crowd of people he was always the most beautiful. A lot of people after having seen him for the first time followed his calls to path of Allah and Islam, saying that a man with such a face can not lie.

Devout Muslims claim him to be the best of humanity, and follow him even after 1400 years.

Piercing delights

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 6a00d8341bf66a53ef00e54f0f58378833-800wi2 Uuuuuuuu!!! Some ways people choose to express themselves are really extreme. When I saw these photos, I was shoked.  I thought what can be inside the human if he chooses such a way of selfexpression, or maybe I am mistaken and there is no any connection. 

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                           What do you think guys???                     

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Hidjab? Hmmm….

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Today in the streets of Almaty you can see more and more muslim women, wearing hidjab, which hides their natural beauty. They choose Koran and Sunna as a way for their life, by this following laws of the Allah. But have you ever thought why do they do it? Have you ever asked them why Allah tells women to hide their beauty, when she goes out of doors?

Several days ago one girl said to me with not very joyful face: “This Dima is a maniac, you know! When I’m washing floors he is always so staring!” On this I responded: ” If you reeeally don’t want to attract men’s attention, don’t clothe in such a provocative way, or don’t complain then.”

It is really strange when women go out of their homes being clothed very attractively, and then complain on men who examine them from feet to a head. Men are born with physical attraction to the woman’s beauty, so it is very difficult to men not to react. So, it is not easy for a husband to be faithful to his wife among such temptation. And it is difficult for an unmarried man not to have intimate relationships with different girls. And another serious consequence is a statistic, which shows that 80 % of rapes happen because women provoke men by the way of their clothing.

So when Muslim woman follows the law of Allah, she helps as to a man as to herself to keep soul and mind clean. Her hidjab is the protection from vicious thoughts, which often lead to actions with irreversible consequences. 



Early marriage

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Early marriages in some cultures…

Marriage is a very responsible part in people’s life. Marriage plays important role in culture of different nations. What about early marriages? Is it good or bad? I think everyone has its own opinion. For example in some cultures it is normal to give her 15-16years girl to get married to someone.
Everything decided girl’s parents. Then groom come to house, only once to see the girl, after that they begin to agree about marriage.
New live in unknown place with unknown partner starts to her…
Advantages and disadvantages is the same – girl is young, fresh, and didn’t see the world…


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People always believe…  Someone wearing amulets, and others have things that they think will help and save them. 
Adyraspan – is a plant which many people using nowadays. It is mostly known among Kazakh. The smoke of adyraspan saves you from shaitan (bad spirit, which is making only bad things for people).
I didn’t believe it, but in one day I had a headache and 2 days I saw only nightmares. I decided to try adyraspan. Lighted it in my room and then I felt much better myself. I felt calmness and good atmosphere around myself. And after that, I began to believe.
…Sometimes not only medicine can help us, also believe can do great things…

Tadjik people

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“More we know more it will be useful for us”
I think that it is a good to have a friends from different nationalities. You and your friend can give to each other interesting and helpful informaton about culture.
I want to write about my own experience. I have a good friend, he is from Tadjikistan. From his storyes and also from my own knowledge I will tell you about interesting world of Tadjik culture.
First time it was difficult to understand each other, cause lack of knowledge about his culture. To well understand person, you should understand his or her culture and respect it. Last summer I have been in Dushanbe, the capital of Tadjikistan. First time everything  frightened me, seemed something of “Scythians”, mysterious, not clear.
It is  impossible to understand soul of other people in one-hour, centuries formed and received scars in numerous wars, one them which was finished absolutely recently? Afterwards I got used. and all beauties opened to me.
Culture of Tadjikistan – this graceful and quiet east outlook.
At all times tadjiks were attached creation and creativity, science and education, esteemed independence and good-neighbourhood existence, keeping pride as jag spaces and stability. Most of all I want to tell you about very kind people – tadjiks. My impression is that tadjiks are looking very serious and maybe sometimes dangerous. but indeed they are very kind and soft people.
Tadjiks- very ancient nation. So, culture of this people is original and left with roots in high antiquity.
Tadjiks managed to keep traditions and customs, for which, in return, and all cultural life of nation is constructed.
They are very talanted people. And can do everything that they will see. The art- aesthetic, thin and graceful.
They always were educated people, singing the view of the world.